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About us

What is Sarana Karya Medika?

PT. SARANA KARYA MEDIKA is a licensed healthcare company holding certificates for "Izin Distribusi Alat Kesehatan" (IDAK) and "Cara Distribusi Alat Kesehatan yang Baik" (CDAKB) from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.

Our company specializes in the distribution of healthcare devices, with a primary focus on In Vitro Diagnostic products such as Rapid Tests.

We have collaborated with numerous Government Institutions and Medical Device Distributors in Indonesia to enhance efficiency and accessibility in early-stage health screenings.

It is our commitment to provide and distribute high-quality healthcare devices with guaranteed quality to our customers before distribution.

tes narkoba dan tes HIV sarana karya medika
tes narkoba dan tes HIV sarana karya medika
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Our Mission

Our Vision

"Becoming a competitive and trusted healthcare provider in Indonesia"

  • Fulfilling the Indonesian market needs for medical devices.

  • Provide and distribute medical devices with the best standards and quality

  • Provide the best services to customers